California District 5 Little League Baseball, Softball & Challenger Schedules

Updated 4/15/17

10-20-16 – DISTRICT MEETING. All presidents and Board member should attend. Information and

                 league maps will be distributed.

11-01-16 – Secure facility use permits from your park/school districts for all fields you will us in your



12-01-16 – Set league schedules to not conflict with District meetings as set out in this calendar, thus

                  allowing you and your Board members to attend.

12-01-16 – Review your league constitution, make desired changes, get approval from your

                 membership and submit to Little League Western Region Headquarters in accordance

                 with procedures outlined in the Presidents Handbook. Send a copy to me.

12-01-16 – Order your Little League supplies from Western Region Headquarters in San Bernardino

                  for rulebooks, etc. for all managers, coaches and umpires.

12-01-16 – Start setting up rules clinics for umpires and managers with the District Chief Umpire for

                  the new season. Little League rules call for volunteer umpires. There is no valid reason

                  to pay for umpires.  

12-01-16 – Send in Charter and Insurance Application with check to Little League Headquarters in

                  Williamsport, PA.

01-02-17 – Review your league ASAP Safety plan, make any necessary changes and submit plan

                 to me for approval by 02/01/17. Once approved submit to Little League Headquarters

                 before 03/01/17. Approved plans will qualify for a 20% reduction in your insurance costs.

                 Safety plans are MANDATORY. If you do not have a plan filed timely, you will not    

                 participate in tournaments.

01-03-17 – Recommend leagues begin sign ups. Remember to post a breakdown of the registration

                 fee, family membership fee and any other charges. Require 3 proofs of residency dated    

                 prior to 2/1/17!

01-17-17 – Recommend start of tryouts. Insurance begins on January 1st, so tryouts may begin

                 anytime after that. Hold a minimum of two tryouts for each age group; three are


02-01-17 – Make certain your Federal and State Tax Exempt returns and forms have been filed. They

                 must be filed within 4 ½ months after the close of the leagues accounting period..  

02-11-17 – Positive Coaching Alliance Training Class. Mandatory for managers and coaches.       

                 Authorized by LL and meets your league training requirements for your annual safety plan.  

                 Capital Christian Center. Ages T-Ball to 8 from 9:00 - noon. Ages 9 on up

                 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.


02-23-17 – Junior and 50/70 Interleague meeting – League reps need to attend with number of teams,

                 managers contact info, field locations and any restrictions for days of play.


02-28-17 – Send me a copy of your local playing rules.

03-01-17 – File team rosters with Little League in Williamsport, PA. Remember, all players claimed under

                 waiver II(d), II(a) or IV(h) must be submitted to me for approval at the same time as you file rosters

                 with three proof of residency documents for the old address or school documentation.

03-01-17 – ASAP Safety plans due to LL headquarters to receive full benefits of savings....

03-01-17 – Last day for Little League Headquarters to receive your league ASAP safety plan.

03-15-17 – Junior and 50/70 Interleague meeting – manager need to attend. Schedules and Guidelines

                  will be handed out.

03-17-17 – (Tentative) DISTRICT MEETING. You will be notified of place and time.

04-13-17 – (Tentative) SENIOR LEAGUE MEETING. You will be notified of place and time.


05-11-17 – SENIOR INTERLEAGUE MEETING. 8:00 PM at the ARC Baseball Complex.

                 All managers/coaches need to attend. Schedules & Guidelines will be handed out.

05-18-17 – DISTRICT MEETING – TOC will be the main topic. Blind draw will take place for



05-20-17 – League Official’s Recognition Dinner at Carmichael Elks Lodge on Cypress St. in

                 Carmichael. 6 PM no host, 7:00 PM dinner.

05-25-17 – DISTRICT MEETING. Tournaments will be the main topic of discussion. All Star bracket

            blind draw will take place.

06-01-17 – All Star players may be announced or 2 weeks prior to first tournament game.

06-01-17 – Start date for Minor, Major and Junior TOC.

06-15-17 – District Administrator will start verifying Tournament Affidavits and Birth Certificates at the     

            American River Baseball Complex. Presidents who make it a practice to follow the rules    

            at sign ups will have the easiest time in obtaining valid birth certificates. You will be  

            assigned a specific time and date to bring your completed tournament affidavits with   

                  all required birth certificates. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO BRING   

                 THEM TO ME!

            Any player requiring an inlieu birth certificate should have been taken care of at sign up

            time. Remember that Notification of Birth, Hospital Certificates, Passports and Abstracts  

                  of Birth are NOT ACCEPTABLE AS BIRTH CERTIFICATES.

06-20-17 – Election of officers for the next season’s Board of Directors should have been completed

            by now to allow the new Board time for an orderly transition in taking office. BE SURE


                  OPERATING MANUAL!

06-23-17 – 8 -10 year old All-Star Area and District play begins.

06-23-17 – Little League Major All-Star Area and District play begins.

06-26-17 – 9 -11 All-Star Area and District play begins.

06-26-17 – Senior League All-Star District play begins.

06-27-17 – Junior League All-Star Area and District play begins.

07-03-17 – Senior Section All-Star play begins.

07-20-17 – Senior Western Region play begins.